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    Default Casper DTS DVD...

    I found this on the AVS Forum...

    Casper DTS DVD comes out today. This soundtrack is the enigma for subwoofers. Most here know I am a bass fanatic but this bass tone is off the charts in terms of power / impact.

    I thought this release is very appropriate on this forum as many, myself included, recognize the Casper LD DTS mix as having the most powerful bass blast of any soundtrack ever released.

    It is the wrecking ball scene early in the movie. The large, stone ball crashes from a crane to the ground and the bass generated is potentially system damaging.

    My subs are about as beefy / invulnerable as can be purchased and though I am sure they would do fine, I can't bring myself to crank up this scene. The thought of this tone at a high level is plain terrifying! Many here will need to turn their subs down (unless their sub(s) are unable to get down to 20-25 hz to reproduce this tone - so, if, the sub(s) can't reach to that depth, there will be no damage).

    Yes, I have played The Haunting DTS at reference, U-571 at past reference, Jurrasic park LD at reference (very hot mix), and LOTR past reference and Saving Private Ryan DTS at reference with all processor protection mechanisms off and they played easily / flawlessly by my subs - zero distress. Levels / peaks well over 110 db at the seating area.

    *Caveat.....I haven't yet demo'd the new DTS DVD, so the mix (bass) may have been toned down (and my precautions unwarranted). I plan on picking this DVD up and comparing levels to my DTS LD copy.

    Bottom line, a great movie, a great surround mix, but be VERY CAREFUL with your sub levels at the particular scene.

    I will be going to my local BB today to pick this one up for the kids and of course me and my SVS. Will let you guys know tomorrow if it's as good as they say it is.

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    This is a great family movie. I picked it up yesterday at BB for $12.99, used a $5 off coupon so it only ran me $7.99.

    I read that thread over at AVS, can't wait to spin the disk.

    Peace Out~:D
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