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    Default NAD electronics info needed

    When I bought my new speakers recently they had them hooked to a NAD C 375BEE. The sound was outstanding but I do not want to spend $1300 if there is something out there that I could find for less like an old model. I of course know the name but have never followed them so I don't know what older model I could look for used that would be similar.
    So what is an older model of the C 375BEE or what NAD gear would have similar specs that I could pick up used?

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    A NAD C-372 like this one:

    And the earlier C-370 which was only 120 watts x 2

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    A lot of used NAD gear show up all over the place like here, Craigslist, eBay, Audiogon, etc.

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    I still have 3 pieces of vintage (1987) NAD gear (1700 pre/tuner, 2600A amp, 7600 receiver) that are used daily. The 7600 was the precursor to the C370/372/375 models.

    The only thing to be aware of is that the power supplies and a few caps tend to fail with age. Wayne at Stereo Repair / In House Service Company (no afilliation) in East Setauket, NY has restored all three pieces to factory shape and added new binding posts and IEC power connections.
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    I have a nad 375 and it does kick ass! Also, I think the amp equivalents are 272 / 275 if you want to go pre + amp.
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