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    Default Perfect Wave DAC vs W4S dac 2 opinions

    I know there is a big diff in price but on the used market they are within $150 of each other .I never hear anything about the perfect wave vs the w4s so what do you guys think is the best ?

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    It depends on which features you need. I've been told they're very similar sonically.
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    I think they are almost identical feature wise and both have preamp functionality but the PWD does have the fancy touch screen tech and a more appealing cab but it must have something more to warrant the cost ?

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    read the reviews on the PWD. Also take into consideration that if you want to use it with a NAS server ect you would also need to purchase the bridge which is about another 700 bucks. The PWD also can be used with the PWT (trasport) with the IS2S (or whatever its called, looks like an HDMI cable). The transport is different as it uses a memory bank for play back vs just reading the disc straight. Also the PWD has a feature that people state that the non upsampled stream sounds as good if not better than the upsampled. 6 Moons did a review and it was rating pretty high. I've only heard the unit at a dealers and it was nice but I have no reference to go off of with it.
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