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    Default room orientation

    I am about to finish my basement, so am starting from scratch with all stereo/electrical wiring. See attached basement floor plan. the room in question is on the left. I have set up the TV/stereo on the right side wall, viewing from the left. Any better suggestions? i chose this since the room will also be a playroom, so if i turned +-90 degrees, the viewing / listening area would need to be in the center of the room and this would be an obstruction for the kids.. I could also turn the system 180 degrees and have the tv on the left wall. not sure i know the pros/cons of that. any suggestions.

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    What kind of speakers for the sides and surrounds, Marshall of 241 Monterey ave?

    Flipping the room 180 degrees would eliminate much of the glare from those windows, and bring the left-front closer so the fronts are more centered to your televsion.

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    also, it would be good if you could pull the couch off the wall a bit. What size is the TV?
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    Flip it, kinda funky having a speaker behind the door. Agree on the couch too.

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    Yuppers... 180 would be better (sooner or later that right front is gonna meet the door), but...

    ... -90 might be even better yet. I understand the kids play area reduction, but keeping a sofa between rough-housing and electronics ain't a bad idea.

    Just my $0.02...
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    I'd at least go 90 degrees and put the TV in the 14.3 wall. Leaves a bit more room for more seating.

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