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    Default How often should I be hearing the same thing from the front L/R speakers?

    This sounds really stupid, I know, but bear with me...I'm coming from using TV speakers all my life so I don't know any better. :p

    In trying to figure out if my L/R speakers are the same, or if there's a problem with my receiver, room, whatever, I've come to realize that a lot, if not the vast majority of the time, I hear different stuff from my front L/R.

    Is this on purpose, or should the front L/R be the same most of the time?

    It's hard for me to grasp this concept since I've not had them separated like this before. This would only make sense to me if they're supposed to blend with each other, and since I'm just sitting too closely to them that I can distinctly hear different things from each speaker that WOULD blend together if I were sitting further away.


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    That effect, is called Stereo,
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    I honestly cant figure it out. Play this in stereo and tell me if you hear it in the left speaker more prominently, the right speaker more prominently, or the center (where i'm thinking it should be):

    I'll provide more info about my setup once i figure out how crazy i am. For reference, i hear it in the right speaker the most, throughout pretty much the entire song.

    The thing that drives me nuts is that during some scenes, clearly the same content should be playing in the left and right speakers, AND IT IS, but i hear it predominantly in the right speaker...what i cant figure out, though, is that when i crane my neck to the left or move to the left in front of that speaker, it sounds the same. BUT THE TOE-IN IS THE EXACT SAME!

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    Is your hearing the same in both ears or do you hear better in one ear? Not being a smartass but that is something to consider. I also don't consider You tube to be a controlled quality source for testing equipment.

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    What your hearing is the room acoustics from when it was recorded. I played it through my system and felt the same way but if you listen real hard you hear an echo that is more predominant in the right channel.

    Probably something to do with mic placement during recording or where the piano was setup.

    Very good recording by the way.
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