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    Default Music/Movie collection management

    I'm looking for a way to catalog, organize, browse, share, etc collections. More specifically I'm currently interested in CD's (any cassette and LP abilities would be an awesome bonus), but I would greatly prefer an option that allows for the same functionality with movies and books, too. I briefly looked in the Android app market as I would use something like this on my phone most of the time, and found a few that seemed pretty decent.

    Thought I'd check to see what gold nuggets y'all have found for this.

    I want to be able to enter CD's, DVD's, BD's (and cassettes, LP's, and books would be an awesome addition) either manually or by scanning the barcode. Interfacing with IMDB or Amazon would be a plus. Having some form of server backup for online access and sharing is a must. And the ability to mark items as loaned out and to whom would be great as well.

    Doesn't seem like a huge list of demands to me! :-P

    What are y'all using for this purpose?

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    Just north of the red river


    I use shelves,, and boxes, and loan, nor borrow anything out,, as it is now, half my collection, is between here, and Michigan.
    Not an Audiophile, just a dude who loves music, and decent gear to hear it with.

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