Hi folks, total newbie here.
My problem is with a PSW120 Polk Audio, powered sub-woofer.
This sub has worked successfully for 12 years without any problems until now. I bought it new from circuit city 13- 14 years ago?. PSW 120 has been a champ, a bulldog!
Has it ran its course, is just done, or can it it be repaired?
How can I confirm it?s not my AVR?

Sub does not produce sound/ vibrations/hum when system is turned on and source is played.
Green light comes on 4-6 min {I ll get an exact time later } then green light goes off. No sound. No vibrations, zip nada. Just the light comes on, light goes off.
I have tried 2 different cables.
I then took off the face plate to the sub, checked the fuse, appears intact not blown-the wire or whatever it?s called inside the glass fuse is not in two pieces or burnt, let me look at that again-} un plugged the woofer, plugged woofer back in, turned system back on.. Same results, green light comes on stays on for 4-6 min green light goes off.
I ran a speaker system check through my AVR bought new 1 year ago {2 year mfg. date pioneer SC 25} results read "speaker error" { obvious yes, me will I am oblivious and frustrated..} no sound/noise from the test through the sub with both cable used in two test.
Frustrated! Should I repair?
or should I can buy pre owned sub, I really don?t want to spend the money on a new right now.

Please help!

And thank you!

PS, I have lost my owners manual, does polk audio have one?