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    Default Vintage Polks vs Sub/Sat

    I currently have a pair of Monitor 10s which I am very happy with and which have provided excellent service for years, but now I want to expand my system for home theater use.

    Given my preference for the M10 sound, will I be happy with music reproduction from a Polk sub/sat system like the RM7200 or RM7600, or would I be better off keeping the M10s and adding a CSi40 center and something like the FXi30 or FXi50 surrounds?


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    I think adding the center and rears is a great idea. If you like them, why get rid of them?

    I plan for the future. - F1Nut

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    The M10s are pretty big. So is the recommended center channel speaker (CSi40). Smaller speakers would neaten my living room considerably.

    I'm just wondering whether a sat/sub system will sound as good as the speakers I have now.

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    Not that sub/sat systems are bad but I think (note this is MY personal preference) you can get fuller sound out of larger speakers. There is some a point at which you have to weigh the pro's and con's.

    large speakers may offer better sound but are big and bulky.

    small speakers can produce some stunning affects that will make you wet yourself.

    timber matching - the best systems are ones that all have the same tonal quality. If you can get a whole system to have the same characteristics imaging will be more fluid.

    Circuit City has some great deals going on right now, you may want to go there and see what they have. You can build a great system from bookself speaker which will still save room.

    When in doubt, ask here! Best of luck.
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    Build upon what you currently have....think about the future. The M10's won't be around forever, but your upgrades will. The Sub/Sat combination is not up to par. I have yet to hear one that is great. I think you can setup both 2CH and HT with adding to your current M10's. The center channel defines the HT setup, the rest are just helping the process.

    I echo the statement about good deals, the RTi line is being auctioned off like an ugly now.

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