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    Default Please Help with sub settings!!!

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question about my sub connection and configuration. My sub puts out good bass during DTS and Dolby Digital signals but lacks any subwoofer signal when using the DPL II and DTS: Neo 6.

    I have the PSW 303 sub and have it connected to my receiver (Pioneer VSX-D912) via the sub out. It is connected to the left filtered signal (the signal coming from the receiver is filtered). I have the crossover setting on the receiver set at 100 and it also has a LFE attenuator which is set at 0 db.

    My questions are:
    1) Should I hook up the sub to the unfiltered jack on the back of the sub or would it not make sense since I have a "filtered" signal coming from the receiver?
    2) Should I set the crossover setting higher so I get more bass sent to my sub rather than my speakers?
    3) What exactly is the LFE attenuator setting and should I set it to 10 db (the only other setting on the receiver)? This is what the manual says about it: "Dolby Digital and DTS audio sources include ultra low-bass tones. Set the LFE attenuator as necessary to prevent the ultra-low bass tones from distorting the sound from the speakers."

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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    I forgot to mention my speaker set up:

    Receiver: Pioneer VSX-D912
    Front: Polk R50
    Center: getting either the Polk csi30/csi3 or csi40/csi5 (any opinions on this!)
    Surround: Polk RC80i
    Sub: Polk PSW303

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    Hi Sammy,

    welcome to the forum. You will probably get several good responses to your question. This is just one. The LFE output on your receiver generally works when you play a program source with Low Frequency Effects, ie, DVD Movies. You may be able to use the settings on the receiver, and /or sub to reach your desired level of bass when listening to music or other sources. I would suggest you use the "speaker level" connections.

    Using speaker wire:
    Connect the speaker output terminals of the receiver to the INPUT 1 terminals of the subwoofer, and connect the OUTPUT terminals of the subwoofer to the main speakers.

    Using this way to connect keeps the subwoofer active all the time. You simply have to adjust the crossover level and volume level on the sub to your main speakrs. Good Luck
    JmasterJ Polk to the Death

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    Jeff, there isn't any immediately apparent reason for what you describe. Using DPLII or Neo:6 doesn't send the bass away from the sub if your settings are otherwise correct. I assume that all speakers are set small and that you then use the standard mode to use DPLII or Neo:6 on 2 channel sources, with the sub set yes, of course.

    1) Yes, you should use the unfiltered sub input. With the 912 handling the crossover filtering no further filtering is necessary from the sub. 2) No, leave the 912 crossover at 100hz; 80hz might be even a bit better, but it isn't available on the 912. 3) Leave the LFE attenuator at 0dB; since you have a sub handling the LFE, it should be able to do so without gross distortion and should need no help from an attenuator.

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