When the soon to be discontinued RTixxx line came out there was a discussion that they used the same woofers.

Don't know if anyone has really touched on this or not --- But...they don't.

Not even close. Infact, the newer RT line uses a more heavy duty surround which dosn't allow as much excursion as the last surround did. It's a more heavier materials, where as the old RTxxxi woofer used a more softer base. Not even sure what you would call it but it's worlds thinner and lighter. Almost close to a foam.

The cone itself is more curved in the rim around the surround area, where the RTxxxi cone is more straight to the surround. The materials of the older RT line also seem to be lighter in the cone, and heavier in the newer cones.

There was also something about how the two lines sound almost identicle. Sorry to say, I disagree. They are two very different sounds, but similar at the same time. Although have the same tone to them, have a different sound to them. The new RT line has a more enclosed sound (from my experience), and the older line has a more open sound. The newer woofers have alot more bass than the older ones, also contain alot more slammage than the older ones.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Not dissing any of the lines, I like both of the sounds. Just commenting on the woofers. As I am bored and looking at these things without the grills, checking out the materials Polk used.