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    Default PSW110.....minimal sound

    I have a 2 Year old PSW110 sub connected to a HK avr335 receiver. I have just noticed that the sub makes minimal sound. I have the volume up all the way on the sub and the output for the sub at +10db. The sound is faint from the sub. All my other speakers work wonderfully. I have hooked up an old kenwwood sub (the sub I replaced with the Polk) and it works fine.
    what are your thoughts? I don't have my receipt and did not register the sub. If it needs repair, will it be cheaper just to buy another or actually send it in?

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    Welcome to Polk's forum, sorry you're having problems with your sub. As you probably know your sub has two working parts: the woofer itself and the bass amplifier. You can test the woofer by removing the grille cover and taking out the screws that hold the woofer onto the cabinet. Then pull out the woofer and disconnect the wires attached from the bass amp. Then at a very low level try playing the woofer directly powered by your receiver. Resist the temptation to turn the receiver's volume up much past the lowest setting. The woofer should make some sound at fairly low incoming power. If the woofer works okay then the problem is with the bass amp. In either case call Polk's CS guys on Monday at 1-800-377-7655 or send an email to
    Regards, Ken

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