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    Default Sda2a's vs m10b's in mostly an Ht

    If you all had an opportunity to put a pair of sda2a's that currently have m10b's in the front of a system that mostly runs H (especially concert BD's and dvd's) would you do it?

    I'm asking this because of the obvious. I've always wanted to try some sda's, but, if you all say they won't do well in an Ht environment I'll pay attention to your opinions.

    I'm just not into music as much as I used to be, so any opinions would be appreciated. BTW, I do have capacity to go sacd, so maybe that's an issue to think about.

    Right now they'll be driven by a Pioneer Elite vsx80txv, but I have an old Kenwood M1a that I could drive them with for now if I needed to.
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    I just went from a set of Monitor 10a to a pair of sda srs 2.3 in my ht setup and love his it sounds to far. I am going to use the 10's as rears sense sound wise they match a lot better what I have right now. I would give it a try and see what you think.

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