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    Default More cool stuff I found while moving

    My Grandpa was an engineer, I found a box of some stuff he'd packed away, a Carter Marker pen kit, some old slide rule's and a way neat vintage Simpson model 230 multimeter. Those slide rule's are pretty cool, like an abacus before computers

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    Huh? Wot?? Dig it :tongue:

    Where can I get me some??

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    I still have my Dad's slide rule he used in college. I guess I should learn how to use it someday!!!

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    Neat items. Hang on to them as a rememberance of your grandfather. When I was in high school, our math class had one on the wall that that must have been 10 feet long. We actually used it in class. Wish I could find one today. I have several K&E and Picketts. Slide rules put us on the Moon.

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    Man are you guys 'young'. My grandfather had no idea what a slide rule was!

    I'm sure I still have my High School Physics slide rule around here somewhere, but I guess I'm almost extinct by now. lol

    I also have one of the very first RatShack Red Diode 8 digit calculators that I used in college before I bought my first Texas Instruments Scientific Calculator with the same RED readouts. My teenage daughter looks at this stuff like they are 'museum' pieces from the Jurassic period? lol

    At least we had B&W TV when I was a kid!

    It's cool that you have those pieces from your grandfather, though!

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    I like old junk, probably worth something. Pretty sweet finds.

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