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    Default What sub should I get for this amp?

    Can someone please tell me if this amp and sub will be a good match. I know its not the best out there but I'm on a budget.

    Thanks for your help!!

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    If you're on a budget, I think you'd be better off buying one or two of the clearance subs from Credence:

    If you were not aware, Credence was the build house for all the classic JL, Lanzar, Kicker, Sundown and other american made subwoofers (before they moved everything to China). They still make great subs and often sell some of the older designs (built with old stock original parts) for dirt cheap. They are high quality built, american made, mostly SQ type subs.

    On that page, the BN108 is identical the the well reviewed Sundown SD-1 (a great affordable low power SQ subwoofer) and a steal at $35+shipping. For the price of that one Kicker at Amazon you could get two of those 10" Bostwick/Sundowns and really have a nice sounding setup.

    Or, the PB10-4 is another choice. It is a 12" older Kicker design. Not sure exactly what model, but it probably sounds way better than the new kicker you linked. You can get T/S parameters from Credence to model a box or just use their generic recommendations.
    As for amps, just get something good quality. New HiFonics is not nearly the quality of the old HiFonics.

    Personally, I'd buy one of the Aura clearance amps at Parts Express. The RPM2300 is a fantastic amp for $100 shipped. True 150x2 watts, class A/B.

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