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    Default Vinatge Akai Reciever Help

    Hey i've got a real nice Akai AA-1050 receiver with a blown bulb. Its the bulb that lights up the radio bar. Is it easy to replace these bulbs ? im sure the bulbs would be relatively universal throughout other brands ...



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    Pop the top on it and look closely to where the bulb is located for the radio bar. It can be replaced. It may not be universal but I'd bet it can be found.

    Post any information you can find from the actual bulb. Since it appears you want to keep the unit, I would suggest sourcing schematics for it online at some point, to have handy for a possible future problem.

    I don't keep vintage gear without having schematics, period. It takes the guesswork out of things that are vitally important.
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    Free schematic here if you sign up/log in.

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    Welcome to Club Polk!

    Good advice above. Schematics will help you locate and identify various things you may need to fix or replace over time. As far as bulbs, they are readily available from many sources. They are 'not', however, standard for all vintage receivers. Even within the same receiver different bulbs may be used. Most have reasonable access, but some can be a real pita getting into...depending. And many may require soldering? I, myself, use a repair guy unless I can easily see what I need and can get it in there without screwing something else up. But then again, my DIY skills are not up to snuff.

    BTW. That AKAI is a nice unit. Looks a bit like they copied the old Yamaha design. 50 watts x 2 (8 ohms); 55 watts x 2 (4 ohms). Decent power for most relatively efficient speakers.

    Enjoy...I really like my vintage pieces. They may not be as good as separates but they're real eye candy!

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