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    Question 'Lending Tree', Has anyone here used them?

    I'm trying to figure out the best route to a better mortgage payment, and was wondering if these guys are any good.
    As far as I know, my credit is not an issue. I joined a CU last year, and the single score they pulled up was 8 something.
    My only concern, is, I don't think I have much equity, seeing as I've only had the house for 6+ years, and mostly paying interest (it's a VA mortgage)
    Just wondering if anyone here has had any experiences, good or bad?
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    A credit score that start with an 8 is GOOD score. If you fill out for lending tree create a new email addy for that purpose that you can dispose and I would suggest messing up the phone number. They will provide multiple leads, but you can do that yourself. Does your credit union do mortgages? Or you current provider (va) refi?

    Rule of thumb you want to drop a point to make it worth the rfi expense but there are other factors. Also once I let southerland mortgage pull my credit report my phone blew off the hook as someone in the chain sold my info to the refi shark hotline. I ended up using my credit union and not southerland. Pm me an addy if you need an excel amortization sheet to check options.

    I suggest just calling or googling leads for yourself over lending tree. I certainly had lots of calls without using them. I had filled out their forms back in 2002 but ended up just going with my current mortgage holder...just my 2 cents tho...

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    Double post from phone sorry...puter fighting virus.enviro
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    we used lending tree to buy our house. I wish they worked a little faster sometimes, but other than that, absolutely no issues and got a better rate than anyone locally could do.
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