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    Default TT upgrade question.

    I just bought a cheap entry-level tube stage for MM carts and am thrilled with the improvement. I am not sure when I am going to go on to the next upgrade, but I am starting to think about it already.

    I am pretty sure that aside from getting some decent tubes, my next best choice is to do something on the TT.

    I have a Thorens TD-316 with the stock TP21 tonearm and a shure mx97e cart. I have read that the TP21 is a fairly poor arm and was thinking about getting something like a rega rb300 arm as my next upgrade.

    My question is. Do you, the experts, think that a tonearm upgrade is worthwhile or would I be better off getting an entirely new TT? I don't want to spend more than 500 total for an arm, but I can do that sooner than spending a grand on a table (which would probably be my budget down the road). Are there any other options I should be thinking about for improving the sound and experiencing the joy of buying new stuff?

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    You might check out the AudioGon listings. There are some Rega turntables listed for less than $500 that include the RB300 arm. You would get a different table to try and if you like yours better then you can move the tonearm to it. Just a thought.
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