Some pics I took while in the Bastrop area. My wife's parents live there, but luckily they weren't affected. My wife knows a lot of people who had their houses burn down...crazy.

For those of you who don't know, this was the most destructive fire in Texas' history. 35k acres and 1600+ homes burned down.

Here's a video of how incredibly fast this fire was moving:

These were taken with my phone, but they're still decent quality. This was a couple weeks ago. Cant imagine what it would have been like had I taken them immediately after. I saw ONE house getting framed to be rebuilt. A lot of these houses (cant even really say houses, all that's left is the slab) are going to have the foundation ripped out as well since all the piping in the foundation is screwed.

It was crazy driving through there a couple weeks before I took these pictures. Guard rails just laying on the side of the road because the posts were burnt and the guard rail was all twisted up because of the heat. Flat bed trucks driving by with piles of burnt cars/trucks stacked on top of each other. Trees as far as you could see...completely black. Very humbling experience. One of my co-workers house burned down. Tents filled church parking lots for refugees. Schools closed because they were serving as camps for evacuees.

Anyway, here's the pics: