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    Default Polk Audio Soundbar 6000

    I just listened to my neighbor's soundbar 6000 he just picked up on ebay. I had talked into that model as he was already thinking of getting a soundbar. He knows that it would not be the end all high end stereo system so he was happy just to have better than his sony vizio tv speakers.

    That thing is almost a stereo, for it's size and price it rocks! It also blew me away with the open 180plus degree soundstage. He put on some Clapton on the Palladium channel and was so clear and dynamic for a tiny system I was more than impressed. I was also glad I didn't lead my cool neighbor astray. I've hear some decent HTIB's, but this actually was much better, and no extra wires. I showed him how to hook up his ipod and laptop to play music files, and he hasn't left the house in two days.

    So just in case someone wanted to get a newbie's assessment, it is worth the money to get one if you can't or won't have room or budget for a loudspeaker setup. I would recommend it over a HTIB due to the clear and pleasant sound with enough soundstage it negates the need for 5.1 stereo speakers.

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    It's a really cool product and it's priced well. The upgrade is painfully obvious and it doesn't take up much real estate either.

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    Can someone tell me how to hook up my ipod to SurroundBar6000 IHT? do I need to get an adapter?

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    Thanks for posting on Polk's forum. You should be able to use a stereo 3.5mm mini-plug to go from the iPod's headphone output to either input 2 or 3 on the Polk. Raise the volume on the iPod so it sounds suitable from the speaker.
    Regards, Ken

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