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    Default Have you ever wanted to meet a historical figure but can't...

    ...'cause they died?

    I saw a thing on Current TV over the weekend. It was called "50 Documentaries To See Before You Die".

    I wrote a few of them down and to find and watch. One of them was called "The Fog of War" and it's about Robert McNamara.

    For years I listened to older folks about what a bastard this guy was but I never knew much about him. I had read stuff in history books and listened to teachers with political slants on the whole deal with him and never gave it much more thought.

    Wish I had and wish I had seen the documentary when it came out. I have a new respect for the man. Not that I would ever be able to get anywhere near the guy unless I bumped in to him at 7-Eleven or something but the documentary is worth seeing. It sheds alot of light on alot of things that the general public seems to have gotten wrong. So, yeah, check it out.

    If have a chance to meet someone you admire, do it. Even if they seem bigger than life and that skews your opinion, if you put a human being behind the name, changes your whole perspective.

    BTW, another documentary to see..."Senna". It's about Bruno Senna and is totally worth every second you spend watching it.

    I'll write more about the other ones on my list when I get to see them.
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    Read about Ho Chi Mihn. Just as interesting. He used to be our friend.

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    Man there are so many people in history I would love to meet.

    Jimmy Hendrick one of my all time favorite guitar players . I would have asked him how he tunes his guitar and how he gets some of the notes he plays.

    Hitler , I would have tried to help him better the world in a not so crazy manner.

    I could go on and on so yes I would love to meet many of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mantis View Post
    Hitler , I would have tried to help him better the world in a not so crazy manner.
    Can you help me out with this?

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    Robert McNamara:

    1.Empathize with your enemy

    2.Rationality will not save us

    3.There's something beyond oneself

    4.Maximize efficiency

    5.Proportionality should be a guideline in war

    6.Get the data

    7.Belief and seeing are both often wrong

    8.Be prepared to reexamine your reasoning

    9.In order to do good, you may have to engage in evil

    10.Never say never

    11.You can't change human nature.

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