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    Default Monitor 50 Aiming

    I have Monitor 50's for my left and right speaker. What I noticed is the tweeter is only 29 inches from the ground. When seated, ear height for me is around 39 inches. What's the best way to make the tweeter ear height? Angle the speaker up 4 degrees, or put the speakers on 10 inch stands? How do you guys go about making these ear height? They seem kind of short. I've searched many photos of home theaters using the 50's, 60's and 70's and it appears as if everyone is simply setting them up without stands and without angling them up. I noticed the LSI floorstanding series are 45-49 inches tall which would put the tweeter height at 37-41 inches which is great ear height position. Any thoughts?

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    The ear height in relation to the tweeter height theory is not written in stone. Play your favorite music, sit normally and listen, then sit on the floor and listen. If the difference, if noticable, bothers you that much, sit lower. I would be hesitant to put M70's on stands as tip over may occur. Unless it's a solid wide platform of sorts that doesn't carry vibrations.

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