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    Default Building dedicated HT room

    Needed some help and or thoughts on a few things- I'm going to be building a HT room that will be 60% movies, 30 tv/sports mostly, 10 gaming. I gave a current thread at in the speaker section as well.

    Looking for advice on an avr, 3d projector, 3 channel amp, and bluray player (ps3 right now).

    Avr- I gave a sc-37 right now and love it. Looking strongly at the sc-57 ( can go to the link above to see what I'll be running).

    Amp- I know nothing about amps!

    Projector- Never owned a projector but would like it to be 3D. Looked at the Epson 5010 and the panasonic AE7000. Any thoughts on these or others? Room will be about 16x13 and in-closed.

    Bluray- have a ps3 right now- may use that for a bit but would like to have thoughts for upgrades.

    My price range is 8500-10,000 for the room (not including for furniture) would like to keep it under 10 but we all know budgets are made to be broken. Haha

    Thanks for the help! Sorry for any typos- using an iPhone-


    Living Room
    AVR- Pioneer Elite SC-37
    Mains- Polk Monitor 70
    Center- Polk CS2
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    Home Theater
    Receiver- Pioneer Elite SC-57
    Mains- Polk RTi12
    Center- Polk CSi5
    Front Height - Polk RTi4
    Surrounds- Polk FXi A6
    Back Surrounds - Polk RTi4
    Sub- Dual Epik Empire
    Projector- Epson 6010
    Screen- DragonFly 100"
    Blu-Ray- Oppo BD-93
    Game Units- 120 GB Slimline PS3, Super NES

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    Please do not double post. You already have another post about this exact same issue.
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    I suggested he make a post here in the electronics area, his original thread is in the speaker area. The talk in his original post did turn to electronics, but some folks don't read every sub forum.

    Since he is starting from scratch, I figured some Polkie might have some valuable information about dedicated HT electronics and HT rooms that might not be reading the speaker area. So you can yell at me, not the new guy.

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    I just recently re-did my garage into a more dedicated HT room.

    Rules to remember. If you think your going to spend 5k on contruction, you'll end up spending 7500. Thats just the way it is. So dont cut anything close and leave yourself some wiggle room.

    Think about if your going to run wires in the wall, and what future plans you might have. Spend the time and the money, get some graph paper and draw out what you want done. Then you can fine tune it. Theres nothing worse then going full steam just to have to stop or rip something out.

    If your doing all the contruction yourself, make sure you have TIME to do it. I was lucky and work was slow. But even then I would wake up and work the whole day on it. Still took me over a week and I do construction for a living. Think about if you want to keep things sound resistant and how much your movie watching will effect everything outside the room; and how outside noises will effect it.

    If you want heres a few websites to check out that SHOULD give you a better idea of what you might need to do.

    Read this first! Its things people who have built theaters wish they would have done differently

    Heres a couple of HT's that people have done to give you some ideas. I built my shelf system by hand. Nothing fancy but it did the job. REMEMBER! You have to figure out whats going on there, and potentionally what you want on there. Especially if you plan on running the wires like I did. You can buy a pre built media rack for around a few hundreded dollars if you so inclined. Also remember Power is everything. I have my HT ran off of 2 dedicated circuits on my breaker. When you start running everything it draws a lot of amps. So unless you want poped breakers, check into that.

    And heres the actually website where I went to and received a lot of advice for buiding a HT. Like the Polk forum, theyre cool people and if you check the posts there are tons of usful info for you to pick up and use.

    FINALLY, unless your trying to impress your friends with how much money you wasted; go to Monoprice for ANYTHING cable/wire related. Its super cheap and so decent quality. Yes you can find much better Audio cables and wires, but I personally did not build a 20k HT or have a 30k A/V set up. So I weighed the pros and cons (pros completely overran the cons) and it only cost me about 150 for everything I needed for my complete HT set up. Plan out what you need so you dont need to order things more then once. Shipping only costs 6 bucks for overnight if its under 25 pounds.

    If theres anything else you might think of or have questions with, Im here to answer anything I can :) I hope it goes well for you. BTW stick with the sc-37, dont waste your money on the 57. You can use that extra money to put towards a great amp. But thats for another topic
    Home Theater Setup
    • Receiver - Pioneer SC-37
    • Mains - Polk TSI500's
    • Center - Polk CS20
    • Surrounds - Infinity Flush In-Ceiling Mounted
    • Sub - Polk PSW505
    • T.V. - Insignia 47" LCD
    • Projector - Epson 5020UB
    • Projector Screen - Monoprice 92" Motorized Matte White 1.0 Gain
    • Blu-ray - Ps3 80gig Fat
    • Gaming - Xbox360 12gig Fat w/HD DVD drive
    • Broadcast - DirecTV HD DVR HR24

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