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    Default Matching with RM8 center speaker

    Hello All,

    I recently purchased an RM95 5 speaker set. I was planning on using them with a 7.1 system and I was looking to use the 4 RM8 for the surround sound speakers and potentially get what I felt like would be better speakers for the mains? What would pair up with the RM8 center speaker to get the front soundstage in good order? Or is the best option for me to just get a set of RM7 surrounds to use in the rear surround field?

    Looking for recommendations.



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    I got the Monitor40's to go with the RM95 set. They are connect to a Pioneer VSX-1021-K. The sound is wonderful. The 40s do not overshadow the satellites and the center stands out for voices the way it should.

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