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    Cool Little or No Bass from Polk DSWpro660 wi

    I have connected my the subwoofer (Polk DSW 660pro wi) to my Yamaha Rx-A2000 a/v receivers subwoofer out. When I touch the connection, I hear a temendous loud boom but when it is connected to my receiver, I hear just a little bass. I have two yamaha yst-315 subwoofers connected to the receiver. Sounds great. I purchased the polk so that I could use one subwoofer. I am a little disappointed at this point. Can anyone help me resolve this problem? I am not a newbie at this but I'm baffled at this point.[/SIZE]

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    Welcome to Club Polk!

    Tried swapping cables?
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    I had somewhat of a similar issue until I got everythign all dialed in. First place I'd check is what speaker level your receiver has the sub set at. Mine was set to -14 I believe. I keep the sub at volume 25, crossed over at 80. At first I had the AVR turned way up to +10 because that's what got me close to my old Sony. Then I realized that everything was so damn boomy, and I can really tell this pressurizes the room much better.

    I've finally got it back down to +5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moscoe Johnson View Post
    When I touch the connection, I hear a temendous loud boom but when it is connected to my receiver, I hear just a little bass. [/SIZE]
    A POP!!! means you should have everything turned off before you connect things, especially cables.

    A CRACKLE means a loose connection or dirty connection.

    A LOUD HUMMMM That's a ground loop and bad juju....better re-check your connections.

    A SIZZZZZLE means call 911 if you see fire. Never good and check your connections while you cry.

    A THUMPPPP is not abnormal and just a lift of signal or impendence dip. You should however, turn things off in the proper order. Always MUTE or V DOWN. Check your connections.

    See a common theme here guys? Check your connections, always, even hardcore guys do this like its religion....believe me. No one touches high end gear without a couple folks checking stuff out and even I ask for help when setting up gear. Practice safe connections, use a helper.
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    Hi Moscoe! You may have two areas on your receiver for sub out, one is for regular rca cable hook-up for 5 channel and the other one is perhaps an pre-out? I ran an coax digital cable out, and got no sub! Then realized that with digital hook up, I was in the wrong hole. After going to pre-out single jack, it worked on dolby d., DTS, and even multi-channel analog with no worries, so yes, check your cables! Also, if'n you ain't got an manual for your rig, go to, and get you an owners and service manual.......Good fortune to you sir.....Cheers

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    My DSWPro550WI needs to be turned up to 40 out of 40 (yes, you read that right) in order to get 75db on the Radio Shack SPL meter compared to my mains at 82db. Which means that the sub is -7db lower than the mains (the sub reads 0 while the mains peg out the meter).

    By comparison, my 15" Dayton Titanic MKIII produced the same output at between 9 to 10 o'clock on the volume level knob.

    I can barely get the DSWPro550WI to fill the room.

    Some possibilities here:
    1. My DSWPro550WI is defective.
    2. Your DSWPro660WI is defective.
    3. This is normal for these subs.
    4. No two rooms are the same and something is not set up properly.

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