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    Default Safe to split same signal from AVR to 2 AMPs???

    Denon AVR 3806 125WPC x7
    HK Citation 5.1 AMP 100WPCx4 or 300WPC x2 when bridged.
    HK Signature 2.1 100WPCx5, can't bridge

    Rti12, CSi5, FXi3
    DefTech Supercute 1 sub, but not really like it during music. So it's only ON for .1 channel during movies. I run the Rti12s full range.

    My problems :)

    I want to get the most out of my system. so the plan is to bridge the Citation to put 300 WPC to Rti12s 6 7" woofers, then use the same signal from the Denon->Signature AMP for 2 mids+tweeter for each tower, so each tower's upper part gets 100W of their own.

    Is it safe to do so? it looks like I am connecting 3 negative signals together from 3 different components.

    Denon AVR will power the rears.
    Center will probably get power from HK Signature amp or Denon AVR.
    Unused channels from Signature amp will power some Bass Shakers from PartExpress using subwoofer line out.

    any suggestions? Thanks for reading
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    Yes, my suggestion is much simpler. Bridge the Citation to power your RTi12s. Just run a single, quality speaker wire to each speaker. Remove the brass jumper and connect the upper and lower posts with short jumpers fabricated from the same speaker wire. That should improve your 2-channel performance. Make sure to enable "Direct" mode (or whatever Denon calls it) in your AVR when listening to 2-channel music.

    For HT, you need to determine what sounds best for the remaining speakers, although with that AVR (and only needing it to power 3 channels) I wouldn't be afraid to leave the other amp out of the equation (or use it for your other purpose).

    IMHO, those bi-amp terminals cause more worries like, "I'm not getting the most out of my system," than they're really worth. Most people will never have the proper means of implementing a bi-amped rig, so they resort to half-baked solutions that really won't result in any negligible improvements, and may, in fact, prove to be detrimental to their system's performance. In this instance, I'm a proponent of the KISS principle.

    Good luck!
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