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    Default New to Home Theatre but need some help

    (Home Theater)

    I just purchased my system and I spent most of the night getting things connected. I have a question about my blu-ray player going through my receiver. I did a quick set up and have not had the time to trouble-shoot yet but I have a pop up on my tv that says HDMII>Not supported mode. My Sat/Cable is also through my receiver and it works fine. Does anyone know if i need to change a setting with my blu-ray or with my receiver? I am going from my blu-ray out to the receiver then out from there to my tv. I am currently looking for my manuals on my tv and blu-ray.


    Here is my system:
    Onkyo TX-NR509
    Sony BDP-S570 Blu ray
    Polk RM95
    Polk PSW110
    Samsung 55" HDTV(don't know model)
    5.1 Set-up
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    Adjust the tv settings.

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    I have a Samsung LCD and get the same popup, but it disappears after a few seconds and the picture appears. If you're not getting any picture at all you most likely have a HDMI handshake issue. You could try running the cable out from the blu-ray player directly to the TV and see if that corrects the problem for starters.

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    Mine lg doenst do that but the lg logo will pop up like its not getting any HDMI signal for a second or two.
    AVR: Onkyo Tx-NR808
    Amplifier: Carver A-753x 250 watts x 3
    Fronts: Polk RTI A7 (modded by Trey VR3)
    Center: CSI A4 (modded by Trey VR3)
    Rear: FXI A4
    Sub: Polk DSW Pro 660wi
    TV: LG Infinia 50PX950 3D
    Speaker Cable: AudioQuest Type 8
    IC: AudioQuest Black Mamba II

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