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    Default Rtia9 or LSi 15? Help!?


    I had:

    4x Rti8 (1 pair modded the 2nd pair unmodded)
    1x CSia6
    SVS pb12 plus/2

    5.1 setup

    Now i'm torn!

    I sold a pair of Rti8 (unmodded), thinking i'll get a set of Rtia9 for fronts and mod them.

    But as I waited months for the RTia9 to lower to a descent price, the LSi line is hovering over the horizon.

    Option 1. 5.1 setup

    Keep all my speakers and get back a pair of RTi8 or RTia5 to get what I had before, after all, I already have the parts to mod a pair of RTi8

    Cost around $500

    Pros - Easiest and lowest budget
    Cons - Probably not very good music wise for 2 channel music
    - less bass, but my current subwoofer is doing great already. I wouldn't mind any extra "thump" from all other speakers though, lol!

    Option 2. 5.1 setup

    Get a pair of RTia9 and mod them. Move my modded pair of RTi8 to surround.

    Cost $1100 + $85x2 for capacitor mods

    Pros - I don't have to sell anything and I have matching fronts and (relatively) matching rears as well.
    - Ppl mention that RTi is better for HT application than LSi. But I found myself listening to music more as I have less time at home to enjoy a full movie.
    - I don't have to replace the subwoofer of the speaker (unlike the LSi15)

    Cons - I won't know what the LSi line sounds like and I'm going to be left wondering that for years to come... or at least until the upgrade bug bite me.
    - Not the smoothest in music compared to LSi15, but still better than RTi8 for music.

    Option 3. 5.1

    Get LSiC and 4x Lsi15

    Cost will be 2x Lsi15 with LSiC will be $1050 shipped, $900 for the second pair, cross over mod will be around $85x5, minus the selling price of Csi a6 and Rti8 (roughtly 500-600)

    Pros - pretty damn good setup
    - awesome music and great for HT.
    - I already have XPA-5 in which should be fine to power 4 ohms speakers, so I don't have to add another external amp.
    - I don't think I will be upgrading any of it anytime soon~ again, pretty damn good setup for my use.
    - no what-if's scenario playing on the back of my mind whenever I listen to music
    - piano and cherry finish, it'll match with my future floors (cherry). My TV, subwoofer, PS3, and TV stand are piano finishes

    Cons - Need to upgrade the subwoofer inside each LSi15 to be perfect (I like my speakers to be perfect, which is why I insist in fully modifying all of them, caps wise). So more money, but I don't have to invest in it immediately
    - I figured it's a lot of hassle to sell my CSia6 and a pair of modded RTi8, and that's if I can sell them.
    - damn expensive, I could use that money to do other stuff like get new floors for the living room
    - need to pick up the speakers from the borders with two different trips and two separate orders
    - people say that the LSiC has muddy dialogue, I hope by modifying the caps, I can change all that and I hope it will out-perform the CSia6 that I have now

    So that's all I can think of right now. I know my subwoofer is really good, but I can't help but think what if I had other speakers with subwoofers of their own... maybe the "thump" is going to be soooooooooooo much better??!!

    It's been on my mind for the past 2 months and I'm dieing on researching the same information on a daily basis~

    Help me decide!
    Last edited by Tungx2; 12-08-2011 at 02:19 AM.
    TV.......................Samsung 46" LCD LN46A550
    A/V Receiver.........Yamaha RX-V3900
    Amplifier.............. Emotiva XPA-1 Gen 2 for fronts, XPA-3 Gen 2 for center and Surrounds.
    BluRay Player.........Sony PS3
    Fronts...................RTia9 (modded)
    Center.............. ...CSiA6 (modded)
    Surrounds.............Empty for now. But waiting for a Fxi A6 deal on polk ebay.
    Rear Surrounds.... Deciding if front presence is the way to go instead.
    Sub..................... SVS PB12-plus/2

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    I would get the RTi A9's then work on a seperate 2 ch music setup with LSi15's at the helm.

    You aready got the right center channel, just finish it all up.
    Fronts: Polk RTi A9
    Center: Polk CSI A6
    Rears: Polk RTi A7
    Receiver: Pioneer Elite SC-35 (140 watts x 7)
    Amplifier: Adcom GFA-555 Mk.II (200 watt @ 8 ohms)
    Sub: Polk DSW PRO 500 (10 inch, 200 Watt)
    TV: Samsung 59 inch 3D Plasma 600 Hz PN59D7000
    Sources: Samsung BD-D6700 3D Blu-ray Player, DirecTV, PS3, iPhone 4 and IPod Classic with Apple Lossless Tracks

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