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    Default Quick listen to the 12s at Frys

    I stopped in at the Frys here in Houston and was able to A/B the 12s and the 150s. The music was unfamiliar, but quite adequate for a demo. First let me say as others have, the look and quality of the new cherry rti 12 is quite appealing to me. Quite a bit nicer IMO than the current look. Both sets were driven by an H/K receiver, the 520 if I have the model number correct. I think he said it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 WPC. Anyway, sub off-speakers set to large and tone all set to flat.

    The 12 was first up and sounded quite nice. The highs were crisp but not harsh, and the mids were very smooth and detailed. Bass was quite punchy though again, as others have said not quite as deep as I expected. I moved back and forth until I found a good position. The soundstage was very wide though not very deep, understandable considering the placement right up against the back wall.

    I listened to a couple of songs and then we switched to the 150s. Big difference! The first thing I noticed was a decrease in upper end clarity and overall detail. They just seemed a bit duller sounding. Then I noticed the stronger, deeper bass. We switched back and forth several more times with a variety of music. Each time the 12s came back on, I said "Oh yeah, much nicer". I think I prefer the sound of the 12. In my room, with two carver tfm 35x driving them, I'll think they'll be awesome. The 150 does seem a bit stronger in the very low bass, but I think the 12s will be more pleasing overall.

    I plan another visit this weekend with a couple of familiar cds for another extended listen, but I already think it's a go for me. I am glad Frys has them, and really appreciate the guy letting me demo them. I won't be purchasing them there, as I need to take advantage of the CC trade in, but I think the salesman was having as much fun listening to them as I was.

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    Nice review. One of the first that I have read on the new speakers. This was a very interesting read indeed.

    Thanks for taking the time to write a review!


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