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Thread: poor man's HT

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    Cool poor man's HT

    After getting rid of my HT Sony model 1010, I missed the upconverting feautures and hated the Pioneers circa 97 HT capabilities and simulated 5.1 as it was really just a glorified 3.1.
    I then acquired my Sansui. That led to me moving the Monitor 60's to the dining room, and the Monitor 40's in the living room. Then, I got a new 2010 Sony, cheapest way back to upconversion and a better HT. Not what I wanted, but for 230 dollars, not a bad price for what you get. The Monitor 60's when bi-amped was too much for the old 1010, so I feared doing the same to the 2010, because there is not much different between the 2 receivers. At the same time, my Monitor 60's can only be pushed so far with the Sansui, as the Sansui is 300 wpc and 600 w IHBL due to age of the caps. Kunundrum, I wanted the RT12's or the Monitor 70's minimum for the Sansui, but with the debt we have, must wait.
    So, for now, I threw together a poor man's HT.
    I moved the Sansui to the living room alongside the Sony.
    I hooked the Sansui to CD Recorder OUT on the Sony.
    That allows me to piggy back the Sansui on any DVD or CD, as well as any TV show, as well as that great tuner it has, on it's own. And, in the room we spend the most time in as well.
    The only downside, besides all that equipment on one wall, is no Sansui with internet TV or PS3, as any HDMI in, will only output to HDMI out (digital in/digital out only) on this receiver (the Sony).
    The options are hooking analog style the PS3 and computer.
    To which I may do on the computer, as it has our entire collection of music on it.
    Computer would be headphone style or old pc speaker style connection instead of current HDMI.
    But, I would need a monitor splitter too then, or a convert to RCA for the video.
    And PS3, I have an old Radio Shack converter box if the PS3 doesn't have analog out, not sure, didn't look.

    But, it works for now, until we pay down bills and I can get some mac daddy polks for the Sansui, and maybe the Monitor 50's would be a better marriage for the Sony, as the 40's are too small, and the 60's are too big (power need wise).

    Any thoughts on getting PS3 and computer sound out of the Sony and into the Sansui ?
    I thought briefly of utilizing the sub, but actually had it hooked and had no ouput (from Sony sub out to Sansui), but rather utilizing wired connections and utilizing sub as a pass through (if that is possible).

    If not, I am appeased for now, with at least TV and the VCR/DVD player capable of utilizing both stereos and getting blown back like the memorex dude without letting smoke out of my products ;>)
    A poor man's HT, if you will.
    HT set up / Living Room
    Sony STR-DN2010
    Main - polkaudio Monitor 60's
    Center - polkaudio CS2
    Sub - polkaudio PSW10
    Surrounds - polkaudio Monitor 40's
    Audio / Dining room / Outdoors
    Pioneer VSX 406 - polkaudio R150's / polk
    audio Atrium 5
    Back Office / Guitar Jam Room
    Sony STR-K665P 5.1 setup

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    You need a good receiver bro. Start a savings plan for one and be done with it. Speaker wise not so much there, have fun though.
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    Man, that was hard to read. Yes, new AVR....after that, I dunno
    It's better to burn out, than poop your pants

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