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Thread: Polk XRT12

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    Default Polk XRT12

    Saved this karma for last. This is one of those paying it forward karmas. A friend sent this to me so I'm going to move it along. He sent me the unit with the remote and I purchased the antenna to go along with it since he was too lazy to pull it out of his wall.

    In keeping with Keiko's "pay it forward" idea this will work the same way. Two stipulations:

    1 - Must be a Polkie who's been here or who plans to stay here and contribute to the forum in a positive way. Doesn't matter if it's advice or just being a good positive member.

    2 - Must "pay it forward". It doesn't have to be big. Whatever you can afford. Let's keep the goodness flowing.

    Thanks Keiko for the inspiration and lets hope there's more interest in this than the previous two karmas.
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    Not in, but very nice, Dave. Good luck all and Merry Christmas!

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    In, very generous Karma!

    This unit would work great in applications involving a whole-house audio system because most XM tuners don't allow for much control.

    With this unit you don't need an IR extender because you can send commands to its RS-232 port.

    (Just an FYI for anyone with a whole-house audio system)

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    Don't put me in, but very nice karma! Great way to enjoy XM!

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    Not in but very nice Karma.
    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy Smith View Post

    That's like working your way through Katie Perry in order to get to Rosie O'Donnell.

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