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View Poll Results: Should I switch receivers?

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  • Save $70 and get the Denon 2311

    1 8.33%
  • Pay an additional $80 and get the Onkyo 709

    7 58.33%
  • Stay with the Denon 2112

    4 33.33%
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    Default Denon AVR 2112 vs 2311 vs Onkyo TX-NR709

    I recently purchased the following home theater setup:

    RTi A3
    RTi A1
    CSi A4
    PSW 125

    I'm using the A3 as fronts with A1s as surrounds. I mainly listen to music and occasionally play games or watch Blu rays. I recently purchased a Denon AVR 2112 ($520) mainly because it was all I could afford and I liked its networking and Air Play compatibility. However, as I skimmed through boxing day fliers, I came across an AVR 2311 priced at $450. I know that the main advantage here is a couple of inputs and 15 extra watts, but I lose networking, Air Play, and Audyessy MultiEQ XT (it has only MultiEQ). Also, I found an Onkyo 709 priced at $600. Now the Onkyo gives me 20 more watts, however, I loose out on Air Play.

    Now an Apple TV would save Air Play functionality later on, but that costs $120. But if I decide to go with the 2311 I would still not have MultiEQ XT. Does the 2112's MultiEQ XT worth the additional $70 more? Does the improvement on sound be slightly/significantly noticeable? Likewise, is it worth the hassle to order the 2311 for an extra 15 watts and loose on some neat features?

    Furthermore, will the 2311's extra 15 watts or the 709's extra 20 watts be noticeable and worth the additonal $80 (for the 709).

    Also, how is the 709 in terms of audio quality? Will they complement my setup? I have heard that Onkyo's sound harsh on Polk speakers, however I have not heard them myself.

    What would you do if you were in my shoes?

    Thanks for you help.
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    Sigma, the difference in maximum power output between your 2112 and the other two units is trivial and amounts to slightly less than 1dB in maximum loudness. For example, if 90 watts are used for a brief peak at 105dB, 105 or 110 watts could play it at a bit under 106dB, an audibly insignificant difference. No amplifier with a higher maximum power rating "gives" you(or your speakers)more power unless you actually turn up the sound louder. As it is now your Polks have average sensitivity and your 2112 is capable of driving them at safe(to your hearing)sound levels. You like the features of what you have and there's no good reason to change.

    It should be noted though, that what you may have heard about Onkyos sounding "harsh" on Polks is pure hogwash. No competently designed receiver from a major manufacturer, certainly including Onkyo, if in good working condition, adds such a coloration.

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    I like my Onkyo. I belive your Denon doesnt have Pre Amp out's so by going with a TX-NR709 or higher you will have the ability to add an external amplifer down the road.
    AVR: Onkyo Tx-NR808
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    It should be noted though, that what you may have heard about Onkyos sounding "harsh" on Polks is pure hogwash. No competently designed receiver from a major manufacturer, certainly including Onkyo, if in good working condition, adds such a coloration.
    No John, it's your understanding of all things audio that is pure hogwash. Some gear is inherently bright or harsh. Also figuring into the equation is the associated gear, otherwise known as synergy that results in the final sound. Therefore, if one or more individuals are running the same set up and proclaim the final sound as harsh, then it is.

    No amplifier with a higher maximum power rating "gives" you(or your speakers)more power unless you actually turn up the sound louder.
    Ummm...wrong again. A more powerful amp will handle transients (For sigma, quick changes from softer to louder passages) better.

    Quote Originally Posted by sigma
    What would you do if you were in my shoes?
    Don't listen to any advice from John K.
    'Political Correctness'.........defined

    "A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."

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    What would I do ??

    Well, after I stop laughing from Jessies response, I would tell you your over thinking this. Any of those receivers are good enough to drive your speakers and no, a few watts one way or the other won't make a spit of difference. What you need to concern yourself with is the bells and wistles you want, and to leave yourself an upgrade path should you in the future decide you want bigger,better speakers. Meaning, after you decide on the bells and wistles you want in an AVR, also get one with pre outs that will allow you to add an amp down the road should you so desire.

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    I really have not heard the newest Onkyos but I've always liked Onkyo for price to feature ratio. And it's the ONLY one above with pre-outs, so that pretty much bears out my preference. Denons used to sound "better" for music and I also have an older AVR 2807 that puts out 110W x 7 which weighs almost 31 lbs. Whereas the AVR 2311 is a measly 24+ lbs...if I'm not mistaken. And even the new Onkyo is a couple of pounds lighter than some older models at 26.9 lbs.

    Weight is a "crude" rule of thumb that reflects "some" of the build quality (transformer, heat sinks, caps, etc.). So I tend to favor more weight (but also look at a lot of other factors).

    With tonyb, I would go for the Onkyo because it has those all important pre-outs. I've also found "older" Onkyos to pair up well with Rti speakers. But not sure about the new ones!

    I have an RTi bookshelf system, Onkyo TX-SR 604 in my bedroom system and it does a wonderful job in that somewhat smaller room. Very happy with it! Only 2.1 (two Rti-4s and an 8" 100 Watt sub).

    But I would really listen to both the Denon and the Onkyo. As far as the Denon, you won't notice any REAL power difference between those models until you get up to the "higher", "heavier" models!

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    Well, since you don't need an amp to run the speakers you already have, this conversation is purely about swapping receivers for the sake of swapping receivers. The only way I can see needing to swap receivers is if you really don't like how the current one sounds, or if it is missing a very important feature. In this specific case, I think you stick to your Denon, as it is a very nice and capable receiver. I would go denon before i chose onkyo anyway, but thats just my opinion.
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    Used an Onkyo NR708 that I thought sounded sllightly warmer and slightly more robust than the Denon 2802 I had benn using previously.

    But I agree with the previous poster in that the differences aren't great enough to bother with swapping receivers just for ever so slight sonic differences. There would have to be a feature or two that I was missing to push me to endure the inherent hassle of moving a receiver out and installing another.

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    For me, marginal upgrades have been a waste of money. That is why I would vote for do nothing. However, just fyi, amazon has the Onk 709 for $499.
    If you really want to make a move make sure the receiver has preouts,
    MAIN: Polk Lsi9s; Polk PSW505; Lsic (in box); Onkyo SR-875; Parasound 2250; Cambridge Audio 740C; LG BD370
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    Sigma, without commenting directly on the Onkyo and Polk sound issue I would only say that I think its' a matter of personal choice andwhat kind of music you listen to. To me once I got my speakers, subwoofer and amp tuned to each other using Audyssey my Polks
    and Onkyo sound great for Classical Music. I would only add that if possible find a good audio show room take your favorite music and
    listen. If that's not possible go the 'try and buy route'

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    For what it is worth... Newegg has the Onkyo TX-NR809 for $649 and free 3-day shipping right now...

    As far as specs go... It is nearly impossible to beat it for even under $850... Ours arives today and I am to much of a noob to offer more than that
    LG 55LH90 | Onkyo TX-NR809 | Emotiva XPA-3 | polkaudio RTi12 | polkaudio CSi5 | JBL ES250P | polkaudio RTi4(4)
    "Sound satisfaction is in the ears of the beholder and what that pocketbook bares"

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    Onkyo is the way to go

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