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    Default JRMC 16 Question...

    I have been successfully using JRMC for a couple years but have recently run into an issue I can't seem to resolve. The problem started when I decided to start re-ripping my CDs using JRMC 16 ripping feature instead of Windows media player which I used originally. I am ripping as uncompressed WAV. The issue is that when I rip with JRMC to one computer, when I copy the folders to a different computer (or even a different location on the original computer) JRMC 16 does not recognize the album and artist.

    For example, if I re-rip my Diana Krall CDs using JRMC 16 on my office desktop, everything works as it should. I automatically get the cover art, it shows up correclty in the JRMC album and artists views. But then when I copy the Diana Krall folder containg all the albums to another music server laptop hooked to my audio system, JRMC doesn't recognize anything as it should. The folder show up as unknown album, unknown artist and is not listed in the album or artists views in JRMC.

    The same problem occurs on the original desktop that I ripped to if I copy the Diana Krall folder to another location and then copy it back. The only way it seems to work correctly is to re-rip to the computer I want to use for playback. Somehow something is getting lost when copying the folder containing the CDs from the original ripped location. I do not have the problem with folders which I used WMP to rip instead of JRMC.

    Any ideas?

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    Issue solved. Tagging was not enabled by default for .WAV files in MC 16, they changed this in MC 17. Carry on.

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