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Thread: ADS turntable

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    Default ADS turntable

    I picked up an ADS P2 turntable today with a B&O MMC1 cartridge. This tt is mint and has super low hours. I unhooked the Thorens earlier and hooked this up. Nice sounding little tt. I was looking up info on the cartridge and it's not made anymore and even its replacement made by another company is $800.00. Can anyone suggest a replacement that's not as expensive and that will sound as good or better than the one I currently have in there? I dont mind spending the coin but for $800.00 I can get another tt,lol.

    I did find some MMC 3&4 on Ebay and one MMC1 original on another site, but it was $1098.00. Not looking to spend that kinda coin on an entry level tt.
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