Well I am back on the quest to have good sound from my Suburban. I popped open the passenger side panel at the bottom and tried to measure the speaker and it looks like 5 1/2" inside dimension, and the outside is about 6 1/2".

I should have asked this question before popping the pins/plugs on the door panel. How do I go about removing the panel and replacing the speakers? I think I F'ed up the whatevers that hold the panel in place but will fix whatever I F up with your help. I love Club Polk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I trust the schematics that state a .................... uses this size speaker in this door and this size in this door and this size in my ass???

I am thinking about purchasing a couple of speakers for the front and rear doors as recommended and a amplifier for now. Then maybe buying a head unit down the road.