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    Default Where to plug it!

    Do you plug your amp into the outlet, or a power conditioner/surge protector? I've read that plugging into the pc/sp will change amp sound. Since amps are fairley pricey why wouldn't you want to protect it? Does the sound really change for the worse?

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    Depends on a lot of things. Most power conditioners/surge suppressors limit current, and that's bad. Many amps also have very good power supplies that can handle the filtering. AC regeneration is where it's at now.
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    I get noise through my amp out my left channel everytime the furnace comes on or other big appliances because when they re-did the power to my house, they combined way too many circuits. Now even though the furnace is on its own circuit. I still get noise. I hate it. I think its damaging my electronics but the landlord refuses to allow me to install a dedicated circuit for my audio. So I'm stuck with it.

    I will be purchasing an APC H15 in the near future to help clean up and filter this from feeding my amp. Sometimes I suppose some people have a need for these items. Usually people do notice equipment runs better. But as others will say... YMMV

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