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    Default Love my NAD 7240pe & Polks but..................

    Well, over time I have aquired four NAD 7240pe receivers. Why you may ask? Well My original purchase was about 22 years ago, Nad 7240pe, Polk Monitor 10B's, NAD 5340 CD player and a Nakamichi CR1 cassette deck. Have never looked back, never had a regret! Loved my little system so much that when the shelf system in my work shop crapped out I set to duplicate it for the shop! Problem is I can't seem to get a 7240 that works right, too old I guess. So at this point (after the 3rd bad used unit) I decided it was time to throw in the towel and buy NEW. Settled on a Integra 5.9 (100wpc). Didn't make it week (before I returned it), wanted my NAD back almost from the first moment I turned it on! Despite being rated at 100wpc vs. the 40wpc the old NAD is rated at, It couldn't hold a candle to NAD for power or sound! I'm in need of a reliable repair shop in my area to overhaul one of these receivers. I live in the Detroit area and was hoping someone out there could recomend a place in my area?

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    Don't know about your area, but if your interested, here's a whole Nad stack for a hundie.

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