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    Default x b o x 3 6 0 soft mods or the regular mods?

    Was told I can do this, wondering if any in our polkbreed have conducted this? Please advice. Surfing youtube at the moment but still skeptical...

    AVR:Pioneer Elite SC-07
    Surrounds: RTis
    2channel:Rti100 (carver driven
    Sub:SVS PB12-Plus/2
    Dedicated AMPs:Adcom GFA535, 2xCarver 1.5t, Carver m1.0t
    Wsrn:Hitachi ultra vision LCD60, 32XBR400
    PowerConditioner: MonsterC HTS5100
    PS3, Toshiba HD A2, etc: SonySACD/ Panasonic gears DIVX.

    MR3LIGION: Polkaudio; GSXR; E46; Reeftank;
    Odyclub; Xsimulator; Sony; Zune; Canon

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    I have not personally modded my Xbox 360, but you might have better luck with an answer if this was posted in the video games section of the forum.

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    I would not mod your xbox microsoft will flag it and you will never be able to use it on xbox live..

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    Games are being sold between 5 and 20 dollars so there aint much of an advantage to mod it. The gaming industry are all headed towards everything requiring a pass code for online access

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    Don't mod your console at all. Microsoft will ban the console forever and you will not be able to use XBOX live unless you can do a few tricks to work around it. Total pain in the a$$. Happened to my friend and he ended up buying a new console.
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