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    Default If I mix differemt Polk speakers as part of a 7.1 theater, will there be a noticeable

    difference in sound quality?

    I am not an audiophile, but want high quality sound, even at low volumes... Mostly listening to tv and movies.

    LC65i as side surrounds

    LC265i-IP as front (most likely)

    LCi-RTS100 as rear surrounds

    Sub... To be determined... Possibly microPRO DSW 3000

    Center... To be determined

    Thank you.

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    In general, no....but you should stay within the same line for the front 3 so you have a coherant front stage. Surrounds wouldn't matter as much. That said, you do realize those LCI surrounds are 4 ohm, right ? Plus your planning on a 7.1 system so most avr's will be taxed already. Make sure you get a receiver with preouts to add an amp. Or a very beefy receiver. You may want to just come down to all 8 ohm speakers if your doing 7.1, would be alot easier to drive for a midline receiver.

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