I love Polk speakers and my Tundra (except for the stock audio system). I have had Polks in the house since 1990 and now I want them in my truck. I do not have the JBL head unit in the truck. I am thinking of adding the MM6501 speakers in the doors with the tweeters in the sail panel. I am planning on making the following improvements in this order until I am satisfied with the sound.
1. MM6501 in the front doors.
2. MM6501 in the rear doors.
3. Amplifiers (5-channel)
4. Sub-woofer under the rear seat driver side.

Planning on keeping the stock head unit.

Has anyone made this upgrade in a Tundra or similar? Any advice? Any gotchas? Not sure what amp or sub-woofer to go with. Which one's do you recommend for these speakers?