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    Default 6750 Sub vs. PSW110

    Just recently picked up my first set of Polks...starting "low" end with the 6750 set I got through a work anniversary bonus, so I'm a newbie to this forum.

    My question is, I'm setting up my HT using the 6750s and was concerned with some comments about the lack of bass power of the included sub in that package. I've seen good prices for the PSW110 and was thinking about replacing the 6750 sub with the PSW110. I will primarily be using the setup for HT, although on occasion it'll be used for somewhat loud rock music. I'd appreciate any thoughts on the capabilities of the 6750 sub, and whether folks on here think it'd definitely be a better idea to swap out for the PSW110.


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    I Just purchased this set also. Yes ive read reviews about the sub being not that good, and I was almost going to not even hook up the sub based on reviews I read. But my wife convinced me to try it, and im glad I did.

    I own a Velodyne ct-120, and it can play louder and deeper for sure, but in all honesty for the size of the Polk 6750 sub, its really good sounding! It is very musical, and in some regards less boomy and annoying than my big Velodyne.

    I was ready to totally discount it, but now ive been using it for watching movies and TV and for its size, its really good.

    Dont believe all the reviews you read. A lot of those, are guys talking about, pure, turned up really loud, cranked up too much bass sound, it will probably distort or overload, but honestly I feel its kinda similar in bass quantity and quality to my old set of Polk Audio RTA 11-t's, Not the same, but in the same ball park.

    Not bad for a single 8" driver that is not high priced in any regards!

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    What Kevin said it pretty spot on. I think that sub is a pretty nice sub. What it lacks in depth it more than makes up for in speed/accuracy. If you go in expecting it to just fill out the sound (as intended), I think you will be pleasantly surprised. If you end up wanting to add more depth, you might consider the PSW505 on newegg. Its often on sale for $200 and is well-regarded for home theater use. This might not be the norm, but if you go that route, I'd play around with using both subs instead of just replacing the 6750 w/ the 505. Basically, I'd set up the 505 where its just covering the deep notes and still use the 6750 to bridge the gap between the 505 and the sats.
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