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    Default Looking for Center Channel Speaker that will "go" with my TSI300s

    Of course, I would go for either the CS10 or CS20, but unforunately, I am limited in space. I have a cabinet that is limited to a 17 1/2" width. I was thinking finding a CS1 or CS2 instead, but I am certain that their 18" width will not fit, much less the 20" width of the CS10s or 20s.

    While I would prefer to use a Polk product, I am open to whatever the best center channel speaker would be to fit in a 17 1/2" wide, 7 3/4" tall and 18" deep space. I was considering one of the smaller TL2's, but I'm not convinced that that's going to be the way to go.

    Also, I would prefer not spending more than $200 or so if possible. Thanks in advance!

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    in the past when I found a matching center I like I built a cabinet (same interior volume) but differant dimensions so that it will now fit .
    I really like the polk centers too but the ones I like are just too big .
    I am not too sure if a cs300 will fit but that center sounds real good .

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