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Thread: It's Like Crack

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    Default It's Like Crack

    Hear me out on this one. SDAs are like crack!

    1) You spend all your waking hours looking for upgrades, thinking about upgrades, drooling over upgrades ...
    2) You constantly go to "the room" and get a hit. Heck, this site even tells you where to find the best hits on the SDA listening thread.
    3) You hang out with other addicts so you don't feel too bad about your habits.
    4) You can't get enough.
    5) Other people don't get your addiction.
    6) There is a support group - CP. (Sometimes helpful but sometimes try and sell you or find you even more drugs.)

    You know the first time they hooked those speakers up in some laboratory. Someone said, "this is going to turn humans into some drug addicts". And someone else said, "Hmmm, some drug addicts. I like it but to get it by marketing, we will have to shorten it to SDA!"

    And some of you on here are like drug dealers - you know who you are. Someone tries to step on your turf, you come out with guns blazin'. Or, a new person wonders onto your "block" and asks an innocent question like "What is the best speaker wire for my system?" You would have thought they asked who your supplier was. And, inevitably, someone will suggest some MIT Shotguns for their $300 system. Really??? That's like putting solid gold rims on a '76 Cadillac!

    Happy New Year, fellow addicts. I need to go get another hit!

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    An interesting take. And I can understand that. But since I am "not" and never have been a skilled "tweaker" nor have I ever had the desire to be. I'm a plug and play man. My SDAs are still stock. The best I might do is get rid of the offending SL2000 tweeter. But other than that, and short of my paying someone to do crossovers and all that other obsessive ain't going to happen. Even though I accept the fact that it makes a difference, etc.

    Enjoy the madness.

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    '76 cadillac's were made for gold rims. I don't see the issue.

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    He meant to say gold rims for a 76 Ford Pinto!
    "Everything I ever did in my life worthwhile I caught hell for"

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    all the best,

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    SDA's are like crack, Maybe but unlike crack there still there when you wake up in the morning and will be for years to come.
    "It currently doesn't have a remote because I'm pretty sure my ex threw it out at some point 'cause she's a whore.!"
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