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    Default New C5 corvette set up, thoughts??

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and back in car audio to an extent after a long long absence.
    I've purchased a C5 vette coupe and I'm getting rid of the stock Bose set up. I havent totally decided on a set up but was looking for some compatibility comments and opinions on a set-up I've come up with. Double Din deck was already purchased, for $299 at best buy I figured I couldn't go wrong......
    Head unit - Pioneer AVH-P3300BT
    was considering Polk MM-6501 for front doors
    MM-651 for rear locations
    MM 1040 or DB 1040 (DVC or no? I don't know the benefit of either)
    Polk PA D5000.5 to power it all.
    Will this amp do the speakers justice? I keep reading about Class D amps not giving better speakers enough power to get the proper sound out of them. On the other hand, I can't imagine Polk putting something like that out that wouldn't work properly with it's speakers.
    Anyone have opinions or suggestions?

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    I would recommend sending a PM to member Bigaudiofanatic. He knows a lot about car audio and is very helpful!!

    That being said, I find the stock C6 Corvette audio system to be adequate. It is better than many other stock car audio setups I've heard (quite a few).

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