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Thread: protection mode

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    Default protection mode

    I have a sony 4es reciever, for a center speaker I have a polk csi 40. When I turn up the volume over 45 db the reciever shut off and shows "turn off protection mode". I have double checked my wiring and narrowed it down to the center speaker. It doesn't do it with it disconected and also conected center speaker to a front speaker wire and it also shut off. What could be wrong?

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    You should be able to remove the driver from the cabinet so you can check the wiring there. Did you get it from an authorized retailer? It has a 5 year warranty on it if you did.

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    Default dunno if this helps....

    I had my non es sony do that to me the other day after i rewired my speakers. needless to say i had the ass, after looking to see that everything was correct i noticed my connectors on my surrounds and my center. i had changed the connectors and noticed that they were very close together and if they touched it shouldnt be any different than bare wires touching. i quickly adjusted them and then placed these little black foam things that came with the ole ladys curtain rods in between them just in case and bam! problem solved. i thought it was kinda weird and what were the odds but that was what it was.....not fair was gonna be my excuse to talk her into the es line tho! LOL!! hope this helped, if not good luck!;)

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