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    Default Good center/surround choice to match SDA 2.3's

    I am enjoying my SDA 2.3's, but I dont have a large enough house to have dedicated music and HT systems, so I need to expand with what space I have. What are some good solutions for surround and center channel speakers that similarly match the voice of the SDA speakers? I was considering a pair of SDA CRS (two tweet style) and get another pair and use a single for center. I had also read on the forum that the Monitor 5jr+ was a similarly voiced loudspeaker choice. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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    I would try to find some vintage monitor series for the rears ( 5's, 7's,10's) , that would match pretty well since most of them use the SL-2000 tweet.

    As far as a center goes, others will chime in on which center is a good fit from the polk line... I used an SDA CRS (two tweets) for a center at one point and it sounded fine. However, its not designed for that and I'm sure there is a better option out there.

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    i used a CSiA6 with my SDA 2.3TLs

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    +1 on the CSiA6. I've used it with SDA2A's SDA2B's, and SRS2's. It's a really great center. Also, you might give Customer Service at Polk Audio a call. They gave me the CSiA6 recommendation for use with the SDA2B's.
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