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    Default Noob Help, Vintage Drivers

    Hi everyone,

    I need to get drivers for my Monitor 10Bs. A tweeter, both passive woofers, and at least two mids.

    I emailed Polk but have not heard back.

    I saw that if you were in Club Polk you could order on the website. But all the links that seem to be related to that say I'm not authorized to enter. Is signing up for this forum the same as being in Club Polk? Do I need to do something else to browse and buy vintage drivers online, or have the stopped this service?

    If so, anyone know where I can get appropriate drivers?

    Thanks much,

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    On Monday, CALL Polk. That said, the PR's are not available. Most of the drivers are. The tweeters have been replaced with better versions.
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    You might want to watch ebay and CL to see if you can get a set cheap for the passives.A banged up pair with good components would be something to try and find.
    Or CALL Polk.

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    Where are you at? I've got a set of 10Bs I could let go real cheap, and they're better suited for parts as the cabinets are pretty rough.
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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the replies.

    Does anyone know if the new tweeters are okay in the Monitor 10B crossover? I.e. same impedance as old and such?

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