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    Default Atrium 45 Outdoor Speakers

    I have a pair of 8-10 year old Atrium 45 Outdoor speakers that both stopped working at the same time. I disconnected both of them and hooked them up to another amp and they both still don't work. I can't even get static. I'm thinking it's time to throw them out but I can't fathom why both of them failed at once. Too coincidental. Also, physically the speakers look great. I can't bring myself to trash them. I did have them outside under a deck but it was not a totally dry environment. Just mostly dry. They did fine there for several years. I even took them in during the winter so 5-6 months a year they were not exposed to the elements. I did pressure wash the house and instead of taking the speakers down I wrapped them in plastic bags. It was after that they ceased working. It's now been about a year since they stopped working and I have had the speakers on a shelf in the garage ever since. I am really having a hard time admitting they are garbage. Does anyone have any ideas? Could there have been a power surge that cause this? I do have inside speakers connected to the same amp and they are fine. I also hooked up other speakers to the same speaker wires the outdoor speakers were on and those speakers worked. Thanks for any help!

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    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for joining us on the forum. Do you happen to have a volt-ohm meter to measure the DC resistance of the speaker? If you do set the meter to resistance and put a probe in each speaker binding post.
    Regards, Ken

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    I don't have a meter but I think a friend does. I'll try it. Thanks.

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