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    Default Rotel RSP-1068 Volume Issue

    I have an issue with the volume "spiking" when turning the volume either up or down. In addition, there is sometimes a very loud static sound when changing the volume. Does this both manually and with the remote. Any ideas?

    FWIW, I took this in to a local A/V repair shop and it was supposedly fixed a couple of times. The last time I actually thought it was fixed because it was about a month or longer before the issue reared its ugly head again. It should be noted that a month does not equal a lot of use. I'd say probably 10-15 hours max the latest time when I thought it was fixed.

    What did the repair shop do? Not exactly sure what they did the first time I had it in, but the 2nd time they replaced the volume control.

    If I can't find an easy, inexpensive solution, this will be for sale
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    I would check the potentiometer, and also the speaker protection relay. Had an Onkyo where after volume level 68, it would click and pop due to a problem with the protection circuitry.

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    I doubt its the pot and its probably moreso in relation to the muting circuit, which is tied into the volume control. Contact Rotel directly and see what their CS has to say about the problem. The repair shop probably sprayed the pots down, and clearly replaced it once but most of that circuit is electronic in design.

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