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    Default SurroundBar6000 IHT wireless conflict with house wireless network.

    I am returning my SurroundBar6000 IHT after a day spent trying to resolve the wireless network conflict with the wireless sub. I called Support and was told I needed to try different channels on my home network. I did and was not successful.
    My home network broadcasts in the same 2.4GHz frequency as does the Polk. There are 11 channels available from my Airport Express and 4 channels on my 6000. My Airport has an Automatic channel to avoid conflict but that did not work. I will leave it to you to calculate all the permutations available to test. It would have been helpful to have in the documentation or on this website a suggestion for which channels are used by the subwoofer and which channels to chose for my network to avoid interference. With newer televisions having Internet access, I expect that this may be an increasing problem.
    This conflict meant that my AppleTV did not see the Internet or my MacBook Air to stream music and video. My computer could not see the internet in the room with the TV or the room beside it. The sound from my sub was scratchy and would disappear at times.
    I did find a solution if I changed my network to the 5GHz band. The AppleTV and computer as well as the wireless sub worked but older equipment in my home do not see the 5GHz band. I am not prepared to spend another $300 to upgrade working equipment.
    Also I found while the system was well protected in the box, the hanging the sound bar was left up to me. No bracket provided. I had to drill 2 holes in my wall. ( I now have 4 holes). The diagram in the manual would be better if the measurements between the holes and the centre line were given as well as the distance to the top of the unit.
    In the end I found that I did not notice a surround sound effect with DVD's or television. The top end was muffled and music was not bright or had a stereo presence.
    Sorry to have to send it back.

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    I just setup a SB6K with a AppleTV and Mac computer rig with no issues at all. Guess you can't win them all.

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