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    Default Use Proceed Amp 2 with SDA 2B

    Hi Polkaudio members,

    I am using SDA 2b with old Pioneer receiver. Just have an used Proceed Amp 2 from friend. I want to hook SDA 2b to this amp but I don't know Proceed Amp 2 is common ground or not. I tried to use VOM to check continuity between 2 neg black speaker binding post, i am getting ~ 0 ohms.

    Anybody can help me to check the Proceed Amp 2 common ground or not?

    Thank you

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    as long as you are getting 0 ohm you're fine as long as there is it is 0 and not showing nothing that is. What are you using for a preamp? or does that pio have preouts on it? You can not run the amp off of the speakers outputs you will fry it. Welcome to club polk.
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    Thank you for your prompt reply. I am going to use nuforce HDP with this power amp (nuforce HDP incorprates DAC, headphone amp and preampt output).

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